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Telehealth at Canton City Schools

Canton City Schools has partnered with AultmanNow to provide medical care to students and staff through a telehealth program. Students who are sick can now see a doctor or nurse practitioner while at school in the clinic. With the parent/guardian’s permission, a medical provider can diagnose and recommend treatment for the student using video and electronic medical devices.

Currently, our participating buildings include: McKinley, Lehman, STEAM, Crenshaw, and Patrick.


  • A telehealth visit uses a secure two-way video communication between the Aultman provider, the school clinic nurse, the sick student and the parent or guardian. Medical equipment is used by the school nurse to assist the provider with the examination of the student. The school nurse will use technology through an AultmanNow cart to send video, images and sounds to the provider.

  • In addition to being convenient and low-cost, a telehealth visit can keep students in school and parents at work.

  • Some common issues include pink eye, cough/cold, respiratory infections, sinus infections, ear infections, flu, rashes, allergies, migraines/headaches and sore/ strep throats.

  • All students and faculty members who have a non-emergent medical condition and have completed the telemedicine enrollment requirements are eligible for an AultmanNow visit.

  • Insurance will be billed for any student who has medical coverage. If your student does not have medical insurance, they may be covered through our grant and will receive the visit at no charge.

  •  Parents/guardians are asked to join the visit through their cellphone or computer. If they are unable to do so, AND the parents/guardians have provided consent for the child to complete a telehealth visit without them being present, the child will be seen. In addition, a summary of the visit, including the diagnosis and recommended treatment, will be provided to the parents/guardians after the visit.

  • You must fill out and sign several forms prior to the visit. There is a telemedicine consent, a HIPAA consent and a FERPA consent. You must also complete a medical history form for your child. These consent forms are found linked below.