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Definition of a Gifted Student

Definition of Gifted Students -as defined in the Ohio Revised Code (3324.03), "Gifted" students perform or show potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment. Annually, children who are gifted are identified by professionally qualified persons using a variety of assessment procedures.

Once a student is identified as gifted in any area, the student is included on a district report to the state of Ohio and the student's family is notified.  It is important to note that, according to Ohio law, there is no required "next step" after gifted identification. Ohio does not mandate gifted services.However, CCSD is committed to providing a range of services to our gifted students.  Some gifted students' needs will be addressed in the regular classroom and some will students will qualify for participation in additional opportunities.  

The state of Ohio makes the criteria for gifted identification.  The criteria for participation in Canton City School District’s gifted services is determined by the district.  Service options are consistent within the district, and students who meet the criteria for participation will have equal access to these services for that grade level.  


District Plan for Identifying Gifted Students:


The district casts a wide net when looking for potential academic giftedness.  

Whole grade assessments: All 2nd and 5th graders will be screened in the areas of superior cognitive ability, mathematics, reading and creative thinking.

The district also provides small group testing in the fall and spring.  A student may be referred for gifted testing by parent/guardian, teacher, counselor/psychologist, administrator, peer or self.  

Please note - Formal gifted services do not begin until 3rd grade

There are currently no scheduled services for Creative Thinking

Only those instruments approved by the Ohio Department of Education shall be used for the screening, assessment, and identification of children who are gifted.  

Upon request, the district reviews the cumulative records of all newly enrolled students transferring into the district. Those students meeting the criteria for gifted identification and/or service are notified. Additionally, parents/guardians of transfer students may request a screening, and the student will be assessed within 90 days of that referral.

Scores on assessment instruments approved by the Ohio Department of Education from other school districts and trained personnel outside the school district shall be accepted.

CCSD provides parents/guardians with written notification of any assessment results within 30 days of receiving those results.  

District personnel providing regular classroom instruction and/or services to identified students are notified of the students' areas of giftedness.