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Safety and Security

Safety And Security


At the Canton City Schools, the safety and security of our students, staff, and visitors are our top priority.  Our team is dedicated to creating a safe and secure learning environment in all of our buildings.  We encourage all of our students to make a report using the safety tip line and if you see something say something.  We strive for excellence in preventing and responding to all safety threats and continue to educate our students and staff on current safety practices.  Building a culture of preparedness is critical in today's world and we continue to improve our safety measures and protocols.

Our team consists of our Lead Safety Officer (Mr. CJ Stantz) who has over 20 years of law enforcement experience and crisis management.  His expertise helps ensure that all of our safety protocols are up to date and are reviewed regularly.  Our Lead Safety Liaison is Mr. Nick Demetro.  Mr. Demetro has over 20 years experience in the Canton City Schools and is extremely knowledgeable throughout the entire city of Canton.  His tenure in the district has allowed him to build solid relationships within our schools as well as in the community.