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Our District

The CCSD is proud to be one of Ohio’s eight largest urban districts. We strive to educate the whole child and provide high quality learning experiences. This profile highlights our educational programs, arts, sports, and partnerships which will help our stakeholders evaluate our effectiveness beyond standardized testing measures. We are Stark County's largest school district, serving over 8,000 students. We are home to a nationally acclaimed Speech and Debate program, first class theatre arts, college degree opportunities, career technical education with job certifications, Adult Education, and the best in competitive sports.

Our Mission

To inspire confident, creative, and open-minded learners.

Our Vision

Where all Bulldogs acquire a worldview of life’s possibilities and the confidence to pursue their dreams using the knowledge and skills learned in the Canton City School District.

Our Values

In the Canton City School District, we are committed to three core values:



Building Community